Saturday, October 13, 2018
Saturday, October 28, 2018 

200 Argyle Street Fitzroy, VIC, 3065 Australia.

It's time for this lemon tree to cross pollinate. Pink Lemon presents ‘Amalgam’, an alternate fictional universe created by the collaborative efforts of over 20 creatives. The story of Amalgam is filled with exciting sights, sounds and events. Prepare to immerse yourself in the strange and expansive world of Amalgam, where literature, art, music and performance intersect.

By allowing creatives from different backgrounds and disciplines to collaborate through storytelling, Amalgam reveals the collective conscience of Melbourne’s emerging talent.


- Finn Astle
- Jemma Cakebread
- Hector Clark
- Joao Deloie
- Lauren Guymer
- Ruby Hogenbirk
- Lily Holmes
- Celeste Magee
- Tully Ross
- Josh Smith
- Jack Summers
- Camille Thomas

- Campbell Andersen
- Lauren Dymke
- Sam Eidelson
- Matthew Foreman
- Taylah Robinson
- Will Smith
- Dylan Thomson-Barney

- Imogen Cygler
- Robert Downie
- Finnian Langham
- Hannah McKittrick