Celeste Magee

Celeste Magee is a Melbourne based painter and installation artist. Magee has exhibited her work throughout Victoria over the last three years. Some accomplishments include completing her study tour in Hong Kong and Art Basel, as well as her solo exhibition "Wasteland" at Brunswick Street Gallery.

Magee explores space where unbridled nature collides with the constructs of design and architecture. Magee often portrays wild animals, such as lions and tigers, outside of their natural habitat. She places these wild things inside beautifully illustrated interiors. The overlapping patterns of grids, tiles and wallpapers seem to diminish the ferocious nature of the tigers.
By bringing nature and human construction together in one painting, Magee explores the disconnection modern people have with their innate instincts and the natural world. She reminds us to see beauty in the things we fear, and the similarities we share with beasts.

Magee joins the Pink Lemon team to work on the Amalgam project. She has collaborated with many different creatives to contribute to the building of the Amalgam world.

To find out more about Celeste Magee, check out her website: www.celestemagee.com