Fausto Serafini & Alessandra Pace for Pink Lemon

Alesandra and Fausto are a husband and wife photography team from Pescara, Italy. Using largely 35mm film and polaroids, Serafini and Pace capture their subjects in vulnerable sexual environments, that questions our common conception of monogamy, adultery and beauty. They have joined the Pink Lemon team to feature in our Pink Lemon zine.

Pink Lemon first started collaborating with the creative duo when we sent off our ‘Lemon Squeezy’ tee to Italy. Serafini and Pace both morphed their style with editorial conventions to promote the launch of the new tee.

Serafini and Pace describe their work as ‘a diary about our intimate life, that is intended to last till death do us apart’. Containing symbols of a domestic everyday life: items from the kitchen, mirrors and mattresses, the duo normalises the nude figure that is so often idolised in art and pornography.