Jasper Jordan-Lang

Jasper Jordan Lang’s photography is forever impressive. Living and working in Melbourne Jasper is currently completing his fine arts degree at Monash University. He has joined our Pink Lemon tree to feature in our recently published Pink Lemon zine.

Jasper works mostly in 35mm film printed on silver gelatine paper. The processes of impressing a photograph onto light sensitive paper is sincerely timeless and utterly organic. Most of his work consists of portraits with the subject disfiguring or sometimes completely covering their face. This approach to portraiture questions the notion of personality and identity.
The most outspoken of Jaspers work is his dress up ghost portrait series. Not only do these portraits beg the question if the work is actually a portrait, (considering the subject is unidentifiable and masked), the photographs are loaded with innocent naivety. Most of his subjects are similar to Jaspers age, 19-24 Y/O’s, which captures an awkward gap between adult and adolescence. A gap that Jasper describes as “dreamy and confusing”. By visually referencing toys and dress up masks, Jasper captures the symbols of his generations childhood.

Jasper explains that with

“playful and ethereal imagery juxtaposed with serious expressions... I attempt to convey a complex and chaotic structure of confused identities and a struggle with age”.

To see more of Jasper’s work, check out his Instagram or visit our pop-up shop at Daisy Legs: 121 Swan Street, Richmond.