Kristian van der Beek

Kristian Van Der Beek makes us hungry in the most banal ways. Born and raised in Mount Gambier, SA, Kristian has since moved to the foodie’s paradise of Melbourne. He joined the Pink Lemon team to feature in our show, PL1, and also features in our Lemony zine.

Kristian’s piece containing eggs prepared in a variety of ways, shows us the personality of food. The work takes us back to the memories we have as a kid eating eggs and soldiers. It reminds us of the tables we sat at, the people we ate with, but most importantly the feeling we had while eating.

Kristian was born into a foodie family. He says: ‘Instead of childhood fairy-tale books I opted for the cook books filled with colourful and exciting new things’. With a father as a Chef, Kristians earliest memories were ‘the sights and smells of the smorgasbords of markets’. We can see how through his work, Kristian wants to express more than just the taste of food.

Come and see Van Der Beek’s Egg and Cheese photographs in our Pink Lemon pop up shop/gallery @ Daisy Legs: 191 Swan Street, Richmond.