Lauren Guymer

Lauren Guymer is a drawer and painter based in Melbourne. With one small dot after the other Guymer creates imaginary places and expansive landscapes with pen and ink on paper. With hills circling within each other, clouds thickening into infinity and water defying the laws of gravity, Guymer’s landscapes appear to go on forever. Guymer is inspired by the natural world; morphing elements of wetlands, mountains, plants, and outer space in her work.

Over the past three years, Guymer has featured in over 25 group exhibitions, including her first solo exhibition at Off The Kerb Gallery in 2016. Guymer was selected to attend the Silence Awareness Existence artist residency program at the Arteles Creative Centre in Finland in 2016.

Guymer recently collaborated with the writing team of Pink Lemon Amalgam to create a large mural in Balaclava, Melbourne. The mural is a panoramic landscape that depicts the settings of six short stories written for the Pink Lemon Amalgam project. From an overpopulated city, to a deep and expansive lake, Lauren’s mural leads the viewer through many different stories, locations and happenings of ‘Amalgam’.

Guymer uses the size of the 8-metre-long mural to create a unique visual storytelling experience for the patrons that walk past. As an onlooker the story begins to unfold before your eyes. The mural is riddled with complexity, symbols and clues, so viewers can learn something new about the world of Amalgam every time they walk by.

As of June 2018, Guymer has been welcomed back to the Arteles Creative Centre in Finland to undertake her second residency there. To find out more visit: www.laurenguymer.com