Sol Man for Pink Lemon / Heit

We don’t actually know the English translation of Sol man’s name, on emails his name is Соленный Ментас, which on Google translates to ‘Pickles Mentas’. Living and working in the Russian city of Kazan, Sol Man first joined Pink Lemon to help shoot the new Hiet line along with Pink Lemon’s ‘Lemon Squeezy’ tee. Sol man also featured in our Pink Lemon zine which will be released at our PL1 opening night.

Sol Man’s work is curiously provocative. Most of his photographs cut out the facial features of his subjects. Sol Man as an artist exists only as a voyeur, viewing the subject from afar. Analysing the human figure forensically, Sol Man doesn’t shoot his subjects to explore their personal identity, he investigates the limits and strange complexities of our physical biology.

To find out more about Sol man check out @Solman_street